Westmorland and Furness Council Enhance Resident Safety with Aico’s Innovative 3000 Series

Westmorland and Furness Council’s vision is to be ‘a great place to live, work and thrive’, recently they commenced a programme of works to install Aico’s 3000 Series, equipped with the Ei3000MRF module for wireless interconnection, across their housing stock.

The Ei3000MRF module facilitates a sound-mimicking feature across the range of Aico’s 3000 Series. The module’s innovative sound-mimicking technology differentiates between the distinct sounds of Carbon Monoxide (CO) and domestic Fire alarms, meeting the requirements of BS EN 50292:2023.

This standard recommends that if you have a fuel-burning appliance in a room that you don’t use often (like a boiler room), you connect it to other alarms or devices in different rooms or areas. This will ensure that people in other parts of the building are warned if there is a Carbon Monoxide leak. If Carbon Monoxide is detected, the connected alarms or devices should make a different sound than the Smoke alarm. This function is key when identifying between the two activations, so as not to dismiss a potentially fatal Carbon Monoxide activation being mistaken for a false alarm.

Graham Harcourt from Westmorland Council, expressed his reasoning behind the project, stating “Our tenants’ safety is of paramount importance to us, and, with the guidance of Aico, have specified the 3000 series alarms to ensure not only compliance with legislation, but also the very best levels of customer care. Nothing is too much of a problem for them. The ability of the alarms to mimic the correct sound relevant to the activation is the icing on the cake and ensures our tenants can take the correct approach to evacuating their home.”

So far this year, over 1,350 devices have been fitted across their housing portfolio of over 2,500 homes. Sam Barker, Regional Specification Manager from Aico commented, “It is fantastic to see a council investing in their customer’s safety and recognising the importance of alerting the resident as soon as possible when there is a CO detection.”

Aico’s commitment to innovation and safety aligns seamlessly with the vision of Westmorland and Furness Council. As this technology becomes an integral part of residential safety infrastructure, Aico continues to lead the way in home life safety.

To find out more about Aico’s 3000 Series, please visit: www.aico.co.uk/series/3000-series/

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