West Dunbartonshire Council to deploy Aico’s HomeLINK Environmental Sensors across 10,000 homes

As part of their strategy to address damp and mould, West Dunbartonshire Council will deploy Aico’s HomeLINK Environmental Sensors across all their properties.

The Council is one of Scotland’s leading social housing landlords, currently owning and managing over 10,400 homes, and are focusing on increasing energy efficiency, tackling existing issues such as damp and mould, as well as improving tenant safety, health and well-being.

The organisation has taken the proactive approach to install the Ei1000G Gateway and Ei1025 and Ei1020 Environmental Sensors in each of their homes, making this Scotland’s largest scaled Internet of Things (IoT) roll out to date.

By utilising a multi-network sim card and RF interconnection, the sensors will be seamlessly retrofitted into existing properties and can provide the council with a consistency on key air quality information such as carbon dioxide, temperature, humidity, as well as insights on Fire and CO activations.

This will then lead to insights such as indoor air quality risk, damp and mould, excess heat, cold homes, potential fuel poverty, and void risk.

The HomeLINK App for Residents empowers individuals to take control of their home’s indoor environment. Tenants will receive alarm testing reminders and tailored recommendations.

Councillor Gurpreet Singh Johal, Convener of Housing and Communities, said: “None of our tenants should be living in a home that is affected by damp or mould and these new sensors will allow us to access information on the fabric of each home easily so we can take action quickly to resolve.

Not only that, we will have data to track the problem and help us identify what the best approach to resolve it will be.

This is the biggest roll out of this type of sensor in Scotland and I am proud that West Dunbartonshire’s approach to dealing with damp and mould is not only leading the way, but addressing the problem in an efficient and proactive manner.”

Gregor Morrison, Regional Specification Manager for the West of Scotland said

“As Scotland’s social housing sector now rapidly adopts the use of IoT technologies to help not only increase the level of home life safety, but to improve resident health and well-being. This progressive approach from West Dunbartonshire Council to provide all homes with the opportunity for this technology is admirable.

The incorporation of the Environmental Sensors will be pivotal in generating essential home health insights, as well as providing data for the tenant through the resident app, leading to healthier and more energy-efficient homes within the community.

Growing up in and around the social housing sector in Yoker & Clydebank, I’m really looking forward to continuing the close working relationship with WDC, and seeing first-hand the difference the technology can make within the community”.

Find out more about Aico’s HomeLINK Connected Home Solution here: https://www.aico.co.uk/homelink/

Source: https://www.west-dunbarton.gov.uk/council/newsroom/news/2024/january/environmental-sensors-rolled-out-in-10-000-council-homes/

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