St Catherine’s Hospice to host education sessions for ‘when you don’t know what to say’

St Catherine’s Hospice is delivering online sessions to the community

St Catherine’s Hospice will use interactive education sessions to teach the community how to support their loved ones.


The Lostock Hall hospice has urged residents to attend online classes to learn the skills needed to support people experiencing a difficult time.

The charity’s Knowledge Exchange team shares advice and skills to help communities across Lancashire support themselves and each other in areas like bereavement.

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Kath Wilkinson, Head of Knowledge and Technical at the hospice, said: “One of our aims at St Catherine’s is to provide our communities with the confidence and skills to support themselves and one another, by sharing our team’s expert knowledge and advice.

“Through these community sessions, we want to ensure people no longer look back with regret and think – I just didn’t know what to say.”

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‘When You Don’t Know What To Say’ is open to all and provides communication tips to help people open up difficult conversations and be there for family, friends, colleagues and neighbours who are struggling.

The session will help attendees recognise the emotions involved when someone is grieving or going through a tough time, teaching them conversational and listening skills and developing various techniques about what to say and what not to say.

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‘Understanding Bereavement’ is an informative and interactive session using video, group discussion and reflection.

Participants will learn about the cycle of grief, the difference between normal and abnormal grief, coping strategies, and bereavement support.

To find out more, visit the St Catherine’s website, email, or call 01772 629171.

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