Rising Star: Cole Galligan Takes Home Apprentice of the Year Award

At the recent Aico Community Awards, Cole Galligan, a rising star from Raylec Electrical Installations, secured the prestigious title of “Electrical Apprentice of the Year.” This achievement reflects not only Cole’s natural talent but also the exceptional training and mentorship provided by Raylec.

From day one, Cole’s passion for electrical engineering was evident. His insatiable curiosity and hunger for knowledge drove him to excel in every aspect of his apprenticeship. Under the guidance of seasoned professionals at Raylec Electrical Installations, Cole honed his technical skills and gained hands-on experience in the field.

Cole’s journey wasn’t without its challenges. However, instead of being deterred by setbacks, Cole approached each obstacle as an opportunity for growth and development. His ability to think critically and troubleshoot effectively has earned him the respect of his peers and mentors.

What truly sets Cole apart is his unwavering commitment to safety and quality. He understands that adhering to industry standards is paramount for reliable and long-lasting electrical installations. This meticulous approach, coupled with his dedication to safety procedures, has not only earned him the trust of his colleagues but also strengthens Raylec’s reputation for excellence.

Cole commented of his experience “I’m honoured to be named “Apprentice of the Year”! A huge thanks to Aico for their incredible support and guidance throughout this journey.

I’m thrilled about the impact this recognition will have on my career, opening doors to new possibilities and affirming my commitment to excellence in my field.

I’m deeply grateful to my colleagues, and supporters who have guided and encouraged me along the way.

But most importantly my Dad, Ray Galligan, without his efforts in mentoring me and teaching me everything I know, this would not have been possible!

A massive congratulations to all groups/people that were nominated and even winners at the Community Awards 2024.”

Beyond his technical proficiency, Cole embodies many essential qualities, from teamwork and professionalism to integrity. He recognises the importance of collaboration in achieving common goals and strives to foster a culture of respect and camaraderie within the team.

As Aico’s Electrical Apprentice of the Year, Cole’s progression serves as an inspiration for electrical apprentices everywhere. His dedication, perseverance, and passion for his craft exemplify the qualities of a true industry leader. We hope his journey inspires other electrical apprentices on theirs.

Cole’s achievement reflects not just his talent, but also Raylec Electrical Installations’ commitment to nurturing the next generation of electrical professionals through their comprehensive training programmes and mentorship initiatives.

Congratulations once again, Cole, on this incredible accomplishment! We’re all excited to see what the future holds for you.

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