M6 heatwave misery for drivers stuck on motorway after multi-vehicle crash at Broughton

Long queues were left behind while emergency vehicles responded

Traffic completely stopped on the M6 in Lancashire on Sunday as a crash led to miles of queues.

Emergency services fully closed the southbound carriage at around 5pm as they responded to a crash near Junction 32 for M55 Broughton Interchange. Details of the incident are still to be confirmed by the emergency services but it is believed that several vehicles were involved in the crash.

One eyewitness told LancsLive: “Massive crash on M6. Looks about seven cars. Police were there. They’ve closed the whole southbound carriageway.

“At least three cars were spread across the carriageway blocking all three lanes. Two ambulances have just gone past. Tailbacks were at least three miles.”

The road was initially blocked for 45 minutes as drivers and passengers were left to cope with being stuck during a heatwave with temperatures still high into the evening. When one lane was reopened, National Highways North West warned of “extremely heavy congestion” with six miles queues and delays of around 90 minutes.

All lanes were reopened by around 6pm but delays of around 50 minutes still remained as a lasting effect of the crash and closure. Those delays continued to have an effect for the next few hours but had reduced to around 20 minutes by 10pm.


Jamie LopezSenior Reporter
  • 08:34, 15 AUG 2022

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