Latest instalment of Preston trams project set for approval

Proposed tram plans.

The Preston trams project is due to go to the planning committee this week (Thursday 3 December).


The plans are recommended for approval with conditions, and are the latest set to be tabled for the same piece of test-line for the trams.

These conditions include a three year time frame, details of masts and fencing scheme to be submitted, including close boarded fence to rear of platform.

The development by Preston Trampower is due to be completed on private land and not cross or join the public highway.

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It will also include reinstating a short section of the former railway line for the proposed tramline near Skeffington Road in Deepdale.

New paths and lighting columns will also be built.

It would involve new tracks, and would include erection of masts and overhead cables, and the construction of a station platform.

An artists impression of how the tram stop on Deepdale Street would look
An artists impression of how the tram stop on Deepdale Street would look

The proposed platform would be raised by approximately 0.8m, measuring 30m in length by 3m wide.

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The proposed development consists of a new path, constructed on prepared tarmac, with a proposed pedestrian guard rail to one side of the path, and a green palisade fence to the other, measuring 1.1m and 1.2m respectively.

The existing buffer stop and track are to be retained.

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