Foster carers required in Preston – make a difference for a child or young person!

Foster carers required in Preston! You can a make a difference, find out more with local fostering agency, Beacon Fostering!

Beacon Fostering is a local therapeutic fostering agency based in Preston, Lancashire. Being a foster carer is an amazing experience and the team at Beacon Fostering can help you start your fostering journey. To find out more, Beacon Fostering are holding an information session on Thursday 11 July at 12.30pm, please join on the invite below.

The agency has a family ethos and provides training, social worker support, therapeutic intervention and foster carer payments of up to £750 per week (for each child). To be a foster carer, you need a spare room, time for fostering and be aged 21 or over.

Beacon Fostering has a family ethos and is connected locally to the Preston area. Simon Williams, founding Director, commented, “We would love to hear from potential foster carers in Preston and local areas in Blackpool and Blackburn. I am from Preston myself, having grown up and gone to school locally and Preston College. I am passionate about helping children and young persons to achieve positive outcomes and to support their well being. The agency is actually named after nearby Beacon Fell, we aim to enjoy family activities here and other family locations.”

There can be different questions about fostering including the training you receive, time process to become a foster carer, support available and other questions like if you can foster with a pet or having your own birth children. Beacon Fostering can also cover about the transfer process for existing foster carers locally in Preston. Please see Beacon Fostering page about frequently asked questions. You can also ask a member of the team to contact you to discuss anything.