British Commercial Vehicle Museum

British Commercial Vehicle Museum

Venture back in time. Admire horse-drawn vehicles from the 1880s and learn how they gave way first to steam driven, then petrol & diesel powered motor lorries & buses. Perhaps remember times when garages might have just a single fuel pump, and someone would come out to serve you petrol at less than 4 shillings a gallon! Wander at will.

Take your time & enjoy being able to move easily between exhibits to inspect them from all sides. Walk freely around over 60 historic vehicles - walkways have few roped-off areas and are wheelchair friendly, enabling visitors to get really close to early steam wagons; vintage fire-engines; double-deck & single-deck buses. We don't expect you to just stand and observe from a distance!

See how many improvements have been made to make life easier and safer on the roads today. Get behind the wheel of a vintage lorry or experience the comforts of a modern truck cab.

Admire the Pope-mobile, a specially built vehicle for Pope Paul's visit in 1982. And children love our vintage fire engines with their big brass bells.


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