Avenham Park gardeners remove broken glass bottles stuck upturned in the turf

Glass bottles were placed in the holes. Pic: Charlotte Gillett

Preston residents have been warned about broken glass bottles stuck in the grass at Avenham Park thanks to a community Facebook group.


The post warned people to be cautious with their dogs and young children.

Some bottles were stuck in upside down, and some glass was broken and sharp.

Glass bottles had been shoved in holes in the grass. Pic: Charlotte Gillett

Charlotte Gillett who made the post warning residents said: “I adore this park, humans not so much.”

Ally Brown, Director of Communities and Environment, said: “We’re aware of posts on community Facebook groups warning of broken glass and buried bottles in Avenham Park.

“Our gardeners have now removed the glass and filled in the holes to repair the ground, offering reassurance to visitors that we take their safety seriously and act quickly.

“It’s extremely upsetting that this appears to have been done deliberately, but thankfully no person or animal seems to have been injured by these horrible actions.”

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