Aico launch Project SOS to pledge volunteers to Shropshire causes

Providing support to local educational and charitable organisations is fundamental to Aico, the European Leader in Home Life Safety. During the month of May, Aico will be taking applications from local causes to secure a week of volunteering from colleagues to complete a community project.

Aico colleagues volunteer their time in the local community, from preparing food and sorting out donations to painting fences and gardening work, they spend their time giving back and making a difference in their local communities.

Creating safer communities is a key value to Aico who throughout the year seek out local causes such as charities and schools for their colleagues to visit and carry out jobs those organisations would normally have had to pay contractors to complete.

Aico understands that in some cases, time can be far more valuable to these causes and since the launch of Aico in the Community in 2018, colleagues have carried out over 4,000 hours of volunteering.

Always looking for new charities and causes to spend their time supporting, Aico are now looking for an organisation within Shropshire to offer a full week of volunteering, where colleagues can use time to complete a project. Maybe your organisation has an unfinished outdoor area or an events room that needs some attention or finishing detail, if so, get in touch.

Community Liaison Jane Pritchard is excited to find out what projects will be put forward, adding “I am really excited to be able to support a local project in this way. Our colleagues are always keen to get involved in volunteering opportunities and we are all looking forward to giving our time to help others and make a real difference.”

Applications will be open to all local causes within Shropshire including charities and educational organisations. To find out more, please email for details before the 19th of May 2023.

To find out more about Aico in the Community, please visit:

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